Our mission

We explain how the world is changing for decision-makers in need of data-driven answers. We help our readers to lead effectively and define policies using the same rigour and quality journalism for which the New Statesman has long been admired.

This approach is part of our history. In April 1913, the New Statesman was founded as a journal for “rational and scientific method”. The founders, Beatrice and Sydney Webb, took a forward-thinking approach to journalistic curiosity that still prevails today.

The enlightened thinking of the New Statesman, combined with data-driven business journalism that uses science, rather than prejudice, is at the heart of the New Statesman Media Group.

Our coverage

Our sites will soon expand to cover banking, investment, energy, media, city planning, politics, technology and lifestyle. Using some of the most extensive datasets in the world we help decipher and explain everything from the geopolitical forces shaping investment flows to technological disruption driving the clean energy transition.

New Statesman Media Group has data at its core and will set standards for sourcing, explaining and visualising it. But while data informs our stories, our unparalleled network of experts and thought leaders will tell them. Our content is brought to you by some of the world’s leading business and finance editors, digital experts, content specialists, data-driven journalists and data scientists

Our commercial model

Our commercial mission is to deliver this high-value senior audience to our partners as live leads, in a format that works for their marketing departments. To do that we use LeadMonitor.ai, a proprietary marketing tool that is built into our websites and provides our partners with secure, accurate first party data. For commercial enquiries please contact leadmonitor@ns-mediagroup.com

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