Our vision

We are New Statesman Media Group.

We tell stories about how the world is changing for the people delivering that change. We care about the big themes, not the small events. We cover these urgent themes with balance, patience and with our proprietary datasets.

The New Statesman, our founding title, is the leading progressive political and cultural magazine in the United Kingdom. Established as a weekly review of politics and literature in 1913, the New Statesman is celebrated for its progressive and liberal politics, its intelligence, its range of opinions and the quality of its writing and analysis.

We launched 107 years ago as a journal for “rational and scientific method”. Since then, we have brought a liberal sensibility, sceptical politics and an open mind to everything that we do.

In this new digital era, we continue to be committed to truth-telling and journalistic excellence. Now our goal is to expand our coverage internationally as we analyse and explain the defining political, economic, cultural, technological and social issues of our time. The effects of technological disruption, changes in investment flows, the clean energy transition and the shifting roles of cities and nations are key issues shaping the world today.

Our mission is to understand and then explain these key issues. We do that through our network of new Monitor sites and through the New Statesman, showing how the issues are converging and why they matter so much to our readers and partners.

Our commercial model

Our commercial mission is to deliver this high-value senior audience to our partners as live leads, in a format that works for their marketing departments. To do that we use LeadMonitor.ai, a proprietary marketing tool that is built into our websites and provides our partners with secure, accurate first party data. For commercial enquiries please contact leadmonitor@ns-mediagroup.com

Our brands

Capital Monitor

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Our People

New Statesman Media Group and New Statesman operate internationally, with our people located across the UK, Bulgaria, India and have ambitious growth plans. We have a variety of vacancies of all levels across all our core business areas - editorial, commercial, sales, marketing, events, audio visual and product. To find out more visit our Careers page

What we stand for

Our only agenda is to build a better world
Which sounds grand but is true. There are sustainable, ethical ways to deal with the defining issues of our time and our aim is to cover them.

The stories shaping our world are urgent but should be covered with care
We should deeply understand anything we cover for you. Our audiences know we would rather research the topic and be honest in our assessments, than reach for an instant opinion or a polemic.

Data should inform our stories and reduce your mistrust of media
We were founded as a journal for “rational and scientific method”. We continue to pursue that ambition by using data rather than prejudice to underpin our editorial line, with access to some of the industry’s largest proprietary datasets.

We need to find a way to fund high-quality journalism
Quality journalism is expensive. We want to build a business that supports the world’s best editors, reporters and data journalists at a time when many media organisations are struggling to do so.

We use audience data transparently
We want to be the sort of media organisation that has an honest discussion with our audiences about how we use personal data and why we’re proud of how we use it. We are committed to ensuring your privacy is considered at every stage of the process.

It is time to disrupt the advertising model
Advertising only works if the people seeing it could benefit or learn from what’s being offered. That is why we will not use programmatic network advertising. Instead, we will partner with a select set of organisations who we believe have something worth talking to people like you about.

We want our products to be a safe space for advertisers
Commercial partners want to be associated with balanced coverage. But they also want to know that we only work with organisations that stick to a fundamental set of principles. So, we choose our partners carefully, collaborating only with those we are comfortable with.

Small, engaged audiences are better than large disengaged audiences
A hundred people engaging deeply with our content and learning something is valuable. A hundred million people coming to our sites but disappearing instantly with nothing gained is not. This belief informs our coverage. We strive to explain the urgent issues for the relevant people, not for the most people.